Deleting kudos
Learn how to remove kudos – we all make mistakes
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What happens when kudos are deleted?

When kudos are deleted, they'll no longer appear in the feed, within Slack or Microsoft Teams, and all associated points will be removed.

Who can delete kudos?

There are some restrictions deleting kudos. If any of the following are true, you can delete kudos:

  • You're an admin

  • You gave the kudos

Deleting kudos on the web

You can also remove kudos on the web feed. Simply login, click on '...', and select 'Remove'.

Here's a video tutorial for Slack users:

Here's a video tutorial for Microsoft Teams users:

Deleting kudos within Slack

If you're a Slack user, you can also delete kudos from within Slack. Simply open the Disco "Actions" menu to select "Remove kudos".

Here's a short video:

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