Getting started

Stream recognition to TVs to broadcast the daily wins even when employees are not at their desks.

In this article, you'll learn how to stream recognition to TVs.

Let's get started! 📺

Step 1: Generate a code on your TV

First up, we need to generate a code on the device you want to stream to.

  1. On a web-enabled TV or device, navigate to
  2. Disco will generate a code for you to enter in step 2.

Step 2: Register your TV in settings

Next up, we'll enter the code we just generated above to register the TV.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Broadcast
  2. Name your device
  3. Enter the code above
  4. OPTIONAL: Customize the content streamed to TVs in the settings offered below the TV list.

Step 3: Watch TV

Once you enter the code, the TV will start streaming kudos.

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