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How do I introduce Disco to my team or channel?
How do I introduce Disco to my team or channel?

Tips on how to introduce Disco

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Once you invite Disco to a few channels, we recommend you explain what Disco is and how people can use it. Luckily, Disco will help you do just that.

After you invite Disco to a channel, it will send you a private message in the channel on how to introduce it. 

Have Disco introduce itself

Here's what that default intro message looks like:

For the teammates that want private help, they can tap the 🙋🏽emoji and Disco will send them a DM with even more help.

Send custom intros

You can also introduce Disco yourself.

Here's one you can copy & paste:

Hey @channel. I just installed @disco to help us celebrate great work. Whenever someone helps you out or does something amazing, give them a star:

Feel free to ask @disco for help ("@disco help" ), stats ("@disco stats"), or leaderboard ("@disco leaderboards").

(Here's what that message will show up like in Slack)

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