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Giving kudos
How do I give kudos?
How do I give kudos?
Celebrate your teammates by giving them kudos
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Once you've:
Invited Disco to channels
Introduced Disco to your team
⭐️ You're ready to give kudos!

All you have to do is send a message like the following:

The message just needs to include:
Kudos + @teammate  + the awesome thing they did .

You can set a custom keyword(s) to trigger Disco (e.g. kudos, shoutout, great job, ⭐, etc.)

You can also give kudos to:

  • multiple teammates (Ex: Kudos @joseph @veronica for helping me write this help topic)

When you give a kudos, teammates can pile onto it by adding reactions, replying with GIFs, or writing a reply. Every reaction a teammate adds to a kudos counts as a reaction. Reactions make kudos popular.

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