If you haven't added company values already, check out this article to learn how to do so.

Once you've added your company values, you can start tagging stars with values to start a practice of living them daily. Once your team is in the habit of tagging values, you can find out who is living a value, which values are the most popular, and identify star givers that regularly tag values. 

There are currently three ways you can tag values when you give someone a star.

Tagging a value in the star message

When you give a star, you can add the emoji keyword you registered with Disco in the body of the star. For example, ⭐️@kacey for the awesome presentation :value_betterfication:  would tag the communication value. Here's an example:

Tagging a value via the menu

When you give a star without a value mentioned in the message, Disco will send you an ephemeral message to give you a chance to tag the value. Here's an example:

Tagging a value in the dialog

When you give someone a star via the "Appreciate this" action in Slack, you'll be presented with a dialog to fill out the details of your star. You can tag a company value through this dialog. Here's an example:

Let us know if there are other ways you'd like to tag core values!

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