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Tagging values
Tagging kudos with your values
Tagging kudos with your values

Tag kudos with your values to reinforce behavior

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If you're interested in guiding recognition around the values that are important to you, this article will help you do that.

Before you begin

In order to tag values, you have to add values to Disco. That process is covered here.

Tagging in Slack

Using the dropdown menu

You can use the "Actions" dropdown menu to tag values:

Using emoji

When you write kudos, you can tag a value by using the emoji it's mapped to:

To see which emojis are used for your values, DM @disco "values".

Using the kudos dialog

When you launch the kudos dialog through the /kudos  command, you'll have an option to tag values:

Tagging in Microsoft Teams

Using the "Add values" dialog

You can use the "Add values" button to tag values (for kudos already given):

Using the kudos dialog

Use the Disco pin to open the kudos dialog and tag values:

What's next?

Once you've started tagging kudos with your values, you can start forwarding kudos to channels or TV screens around the office.

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