The dashboard gives you a variety of ways to view engagement with Disco. For example, you can see who gave the most appreciation over the last 30 days, view who received the most appreciation for a particular value, view which values were celebrated the most, and much more. By default, content is sorted by the number of points to make it easy to see what's at the top.

Here are a few example use-cases:

  • View top givers: See who is giving the most appreciation by channel, value, and date.
  • View top receivers: See who is receiving the most appreciation by channel, value, and date.
  • View top stars: Find the most celebrated stars. 
  • View top values: Identify which values are being used regularly. You can also use it to see which values need promotion.
  • View top channels: Find the channels with the most engagement.

Filtering data

To dig into specific data, you can use filters. Each filter is sorted by the amount of engagement for a particular item. Here's an example for channels (#general has the most engagement):

There are three types of filters:

  • Channels: 'All channels' & one row for each channel with stars.
  • Date: 'Last 7 days', 'Last 14 days', 'Last 30 days', 'Last 90 days', and 'Custom range'.
  • Values: 'All stars', 'All values', and one row for each value.
  • People: 'Everyone', and one row for each person. This is only available in the stars drill-down.

Exporting data

Each module on the dashboard shows you a mini-preview of the data. When you click "View all", you get the full table of data with the ability to filter and export the data. 

Here's an example for exporting users:

Viewing givers & receivers

The 'Givers' & 'Receivers' sections show you who is giving and receiving the most appreciation (Go figure). You can filter the entire page for a particular date range and drill in on a specific value for each section.

Here's an example of viewing both by a particular value:

Viewing most popular stars

"Most popular" stars allow you to dig into the biggest moments over a specific time period. Also, you can quickly find the top stars for a particular value right from the dashboard.

Here's an example:

Viewing top values

The values section allows you to view the values that are used the most. Some customers use this view to measure which values deserve to be celebrated and which values need extra love.

Here's an example:

Viewing top channels

Similar to viewing top values, you can view engagement by channel to take not of which channels are praising their co-workers the most.

Here's an example:

Coming soon

We're going to add the ability to subscribe to data on the dashboard in order to make it easier to use. If you're interested in this feature or have suggestions on how we can improve the experience, please email me at Thanks for reading!

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