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Giving kudos with a form in Microsoft Teams
Giving kudos with a form in Microsoft Teams

Giving kudos through the bot can be tricky, forms make it easy

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Microsoft Teams recently launched a new feature called Message Extensions. With Message Extensions, three problems are solved:

  1. No need to remember bot syntax

  2. Disco is omnipresent throughout Teams

  3. You can give kudos in Chats — both 1-1 and group chats

Instead of using bot syntax, you can use a simple form:

Instead of installing Disco in teams, just click the pinned icon:

Pinning Disco

Pin Disco to your input box so you never miss out on giving kudos in a team channel, in a 1-1 chat, or within a group chat (Plus, who wants to leave the Disco?).


  • Jump into the store and search for Disco (or click this link).

  • Click on "Install"

  • Jump into a channel or chat, Disco will be pinned. 🕺

Here’s a short tutorial:

Giving kudos

Once you’ve pinned Disco, all you need to do is click on our icon to open up the form.

Check it out:

Kudos in chats

Giving kudos in a chat works exactly the same as giving kudos in a channel.

Check it out:

As you can see, Message Extensions make it a lot easier to give kudos for a number of reasons. We hope this improves your experience using Disco.

Please reach out with feedback or questions:

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