Prerequisite - learn how to use Disco to automatically gather values-based nominations with Values Nominations.

We're excited to announce the ability to create multiple, concurrent Value Nominations. This unlocks several exciting use cases:

  • Departments can run their own company Value Nominations (ex: Engineering Culture Award)

  • Departments can run their own nominations process for team-level tags (ex: Marketing Principles Award)

  • Target a group of executives for their own higher-level nominations process

Setting up multiple Value Nominations

For Slack customers, head to the Disco website => Settings => Values (Currently, only Disco admins can create team-level Value Nominations)

For Microsoft Teams customers, go to your Disco settings inside Teams (Search for "Disco", click "Settings", and then find the "Values" tab)

Scroll down & click "Create value nomination"

3. Fill out the Custom name, select the audience, and select the tags ("Values") you'd like to use. When complete, click "Enable"

* note - create additional audiences on the Users tab under User groups.

** No notifications will be sent out after clicking "Enable". You can still configure or disable at any point.

Responding to team-level nominations

All members of the selected Audience will receive a DM 7 days before the end of the month.

You can also copy/paste a link to the web in the nomination's settings

Or send a manual reminder by clicking "Send a reminder now" (delivered via Disco direct message).

Slack Home Tab

For Slack customers, they can navigate to the Disco Home Tab, where all applicable Value Nominations will be presented to the relevant audiences.

Viewing results

All results show up on the Disco dashboard. Currently, only Disco admins can view and export the results.

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