It's easy to build booklets and saddle-stitch documents in Mimeo Print.


To begin, upload your files to your library. If you want some sections to be (Check out this article for help on uploading.)

Mimeo Vocabulary:

 "File" is the PDF you upload into our library. "Document" is the final product you build such as a binder, notebook, or booklet, which can comprise of multiple files.

Add Files to the Document

First, select “booklet” from the document menu. You’ll be taken to the sequencer, where you can add multiple files - such as your covers and your content - and change the order. 

Keep in mind that for saddle stitch documents, you pages must add up to a factor of 4. If you select files that add up to 15 pages, the system will automatically add a blank page to get you up to 16, and if you select files that add up to 17, it will add three blank pages to make a 20-page document. 

(Note: the site will not let you add more files than we can print in one booklet. That page limit depends on your paper stock. Feel free to reach out if you need more info.)

Customize in Real-Time Preview

Next, continue into the real-time document preview. Here you can customize paper stock, print to edge, and more. We offer thousands of customizations, so if you need a customization you don’t see, contact our customer success team. 

Please note that we can't guarantee images spread across multiple pages will align. We recommend designing your document so that each image is contained on one page.

Unlike in our other builders, your entire booklet will either be color or black and white. Use the "Print in Color" button to make your selection.

As you add customizations, flip through the document for a real-time preview. You can also check your price. 

Add to Cart

Finally, add the document to your cart. You will be prompted to save it to your library or continue without saving. Then simply add your shipping details and check out.

Special Sizes

Our standard booklet is 8.5x11", but we have special instructions for custom sizes, so reach out to us on chat or at 1-800-GO-MIMEO if you need a different size. 

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