The first step to build a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. Check out this article for more help with uploading. 

Mimeo Vocabulary:

 "File" is the PDF you upload into our library. "Document" is the final product you build such as a binder, notebook, or booklet, which can comprise of multiple files.

Once your file is uploaded, select flyers and sell sheets. Be sure to choose whether you are using portrait or landscape orientation.

In the first screen, you will choose which files to add. In this document type, you can only add up to 2 pages. Here, you can change the order of the files and select whether the sheet will be color or black and white.

(Since the document will be printed on one single sheet, the entire document will be either black and white or color.)

In the next screen, customize your document in the real-time proof. You can add hole punches, change the paper stock, add gloss or lamination, and change the orientation when flipping the page. If your document is set up with crop marks, you can also enable Print to Edge for full bleed. 

Use the arrows to preview your double-sided sheet. Then update your quantity and add it to your cart.

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