Since Mimeo specializes in making complex documents simple to produce, the standard real-time print builder is simplified to show basic options such as paper stock, binding type, and cover options. 

But Mimeo has thousands of pre-built special instructions to further customize your document. This includes non-standard paper sizes, perfect binding, and more.
To use a special instruction, begin by contacting Customer Care to see if it is an option. Your customer success rep will then add it to your account. 

Contact Customer Care by calling 1-800-GO-MIMEO, emailing, or starting a chat.

Next, return to your real-time print preview. On the left-hand customization pane, scroll down to the “Custom Offerings” and click to open the “Special Instructions” menu.

Here you can see any special instruction that has been added to your account. Each instruction is identified by a Mimeo code and includes a brief description, a longer description and the price. Be sure to read the longer description to confirm you set up the document properly. Then simply click the checkbox to apply the instruction to your document.

Special instructions are not reflected in the real-time preview. Most customizations will be applied without any further effort from you, but be sure to check the long description as it may require you to email customer care after placing the order. 

From there, add the document to your shopping cart and checkout. 

Once you finish the order, email Customer Success with the order number if required by your special instruction. This will ensure your file is set up properly to handle the customization. 

We strive to make your document as customized as possible. 

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