If your Marketplace requires account sign-in, you will need to add approved users before they can start shopping.

Begin by compiling a list of all your users’ email addresses in Excel. We recommend using their business email.

Next, send the list to Customer Care at help@mimeo.com to set up a Mimeo account for each user.

Once your users are added to Mimeo, go into your Marketplace Administration Console. 

Navigate to the “Groups” tab.

You will add your users to a specific group. Select “Edit” next to the group you want to modify.

Enter the new members’ email addresses, separating each email by a comma. Once you are done, select “Add New Members.”

If you need to remove a shopper, simply locate them in the group and select “Remove.”

Finally, be sure to hit “Save and Publish” to make your changes permanent. 

Now, your shoppers are ready to go! 

Simply send them the link to your Marketplace and their temporary password so they can start shopping. Users can reset their password by clicking on “My Account” after logging in. 

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