Your Marketplace is an extension of your brand, so we know it is important to easily customize content on pages.

Log In to Marketplace

Begin by logging into Navigate to your Marketplace Dashboard from the App Switcher.

Select an Individual Storefront

From your Marketplace Dashboard, find the individual storefront you want to customize. Under options, select “edit.”

This will take you directly to the General Settings screen. 

On the left-hand navigation pane, select “Pages.”

You can customize any of three pages: Home, Help, and Thank-You. 

Home Page

The Home Page editor is a standard front-end website editor similar to writing an email. Simply type in your text and format. You can also add media or links. 

If you prefer to write in HTML code, click on “Source” from the text editor options. 

Once you are done with your changes, click “Save and Publish.”

Help Page

The help page is a great place to give your users instructions on who to contact when they have questions. You may want all their questions to go to Mimeo Customer Care, or you may want to handle most of the questions within your team.

Help Page Options

On the Help Screen editor, you can choose 4 options:

  • Display the standard help screen (provided by Mimeo)

  • Only display custom help information 

  • Launch a user who clicks “help” to a new URL

  • Disable help altogether

Display Custom Help Information

To display your custom help information, choose one of two options: 

  • Display the Standard help screen + Display Custom Help Information

  • Only display custom help information

Here’s what Option 1 looks like to your shopper:

Here’s what Option 2 looks like to your shopper:

Then add your custom content into the text editor. Just like on the Home Page, this can be text, media, or links, and you can also use the source button to add HTML code directly. 

Once you are satisfied with your customizations, hit “Save and Publish.”

Thank You Page

Your shopper is taken to the Thank-You page once they complete their order.

You can only edit the text on the Thank-You page. All other design is locked into the Marketplace template.  

You can also include a link to a survey to collect feedback from your shopper. This will either be displayed as a plain link or as a button. The button will be formatted with the colors in your brand settings (here’s an article on how to customize your Marketplace colors). 

To display it as a button, select “Display a button to the shopper” and customize the text.

Once you are satisfied with your customizations, hit “Save and Publish.”

Looking for more help customizing your Marketplace? Check out this Superstar video on Marketplace admin settings. 

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