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What can I upload?

Mimeo Digital accepts any type of file, including PDFs, videos, zip files, executables, images, office documents, and more!

What is the upload process?

From within Digital Admin, click "Upload" in the navigation bar.

Click in the box to select your content from your desktop, or just drag and drop it in. You can drop one file, a group of files, or even a folder.

Please note:  When dropping a folder we upload all its contents, including sub-folders, but do not retain the folder structure. Dropping folders also may not work in some browsers.

As soon as you select or drop your content it will begin uploading. As soon as you see a check mark over a file, it means we have it. Once we have all your files you can leave the Upload page, however if you leave before all the files are done uploading any files still being uploaded will automatically cancel.

What happens after upload?

Your content will go through a 3-step process:

  1. Upload and storage in Digital Command

  2. Virus and Malware Scan

  3. Conversion

After all your files have uploaded, step 1 is complete and you can leave the Upload screen. The remaining steps happen behind the scenes. You can check on the status of your files anytime by using the upload widget at the top of Digital Admin.

Digital Admin will notify you when files become available in your library.

Which content is converted?

Digital Reader
Digital Player
Digital Learning
Captivate HTML5 Packages, Articulate HTML5 Packages

What happens to other types of content?

All other content is made available for direct download. This means users will download the original file that you uploaded to us.

What about zipped files?

Zipped files are also offered for users to download. They will get the same zip packages. We do not unzip files for individual distribution.

What happens if there is an error?

There are three potential errors that can occur:

  1. Upload Error - We didn't receive the content. This is often caused by a lost internet connection during the upload process.

  2. Virus Error - We detected a virus or malware and quarantined the content.

  3. Conversion Error - We were not able to convert the content.

Digital Admin will let you know if it encounters an error and which of the above types occurred. You can contact our service team for assistance.

Does Digital Admin keep a history of uploads?

Of course! On the Upload screen, click the History button on the top-right. Every upload is logged including who uploaded the content and whether or not everything was successful.

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