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Getting started with Kaiber's mobile app
Getting started with Kaiber's mobile app

Tips and best practices for getting started with Kaiber’s mobile apps, available for iOS and Android.

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About Kaiber Mobile

With Kaiber for iOS and Android, you get all the familiar functionalities you know and love right in the palm of your hand, including:

  • Transform (video-to-video): Restyle your existing videos

  • Motion (text-to-video and image-to-video): Captivating fluidity in your animation

  • Flipbook (text-to-video and image-to-video): Frame-by-frame animation, plus audioreactivity—an easy way to sync your videos to music of your choice

You can also try new app-exclusive features and experiences—more to come! Plus, all your creations can be accessed from anywhere. The web platform and mobile apps update in real-time, so your content syncs automatically no matter what device you’re using.

1. Getting Started

Downloading and Installing the Kaiber App

Embark on your creative journey by first installing the Kaiber App from the App Store or Google Play. Ensure your device meets the app’s requirements and follow the installation process.

Account Creation and Sign-In

When you first open the app, you can either create a new account or sign in using an existing one.

Logging in with Google SSO

You can use your Google credentials to log into Kaiber via Google SSO.

Logging in with your email address

To log in with your email address, enter the desired email address and password manually.

Logging in with Apple ID

If you are on iOS, you can create and sign into your Kaiber account using your Apple ID.

Having an account helps in managing your videos, credits, and personal settings across devices.

2. Navigating Kaiber Mobile

Discover the Home "Explore" Tab

The “Explore” tab is the first thing you’ll see when you open Kaiber Mobile—it is your gateway to inspiration.

Swipe through a diverse array of featured artists and and existing user-generated content. You can use artists’ song snippets or curated AI styles and subjects to create beautiful visuals in just a few taps. You can even customize the featured content to fit your vision.

Starting from Scratch

Tap into your inner artist and create from scratch. Simply press the + button in the middle of the navigation to add in your own videos, images, text, or music to craft your unique masterpiece. You can also use bits and pieces of Kaiber’s preset subjects, styles, and songs—with the ability to tweak and refine your prompts, the possibilities are endless!

Learn more about prompting here.

My Videos: Account Management Made Easy

The “My Videos” tab is where all your generations are housed. You can generate as many videos at once as you want; they’ll still be running in the background while you’re creating more.

When your videos are complete, you can choose to upscale, download, share, delete, or reuse them—the "Create with the same prompt" button is essentially a copy/paste function, making it easy to quickly begin the creation process using tried and true subjects and styles.

“My Videos” is also where you can view and manage your Settings. Here you can change your password and see your subscription status. You can also check your available credits, purchase more, and for new friends, you can learn what credits mean.

More about credits here.

3. Tips and Tricks: Discover the Artist Within

The Power of Words

Talking to machines can be challenging. Our biggest piece of advice? Get descriptive. While our autofill feature and preset subjects and styles are great places to start, adding more details to your prompts will make your outputs stronger. For specific examples of this, check out our “Prompting Horror Content” blog.

Tweaking your Settings

Try manipulating Kaiber’s various settings to customize your creations. From the evolve and audioreactive strength sliders to the camera movement options—there are many configurations to help you achieve success with your generations.

Efficiently Using Credits

Credits are the currency of creation in Kaiber. We highly recommend you test your subjects and styles with short 3-5 second videos – iterating and refining until the output is exactly what you’re envisioning – before you commit to a full length video.

4. Account Management

Accounts and Subscriptions


You may use the same Kaiber account credentials across both our web and mobile apps.


Kaiber has three subscription tiers and a free trial that gives users 100 credits to explore, with access to all featured artist content:

  • Explorer at $5/month for 300 credits

  • Pro at $15/month for 1,000 credits

  • Artist at $30/month for 2,500 credits

More about our pricing here.

Billing (Mobile)

Payment for subscriptions or credits via the Kaiber iOS app or the Kaiber Android app are managed by Apple and Google, respectively. If there is a payment discrepancy or you'd like to request a refund, please visit Apple's guide here or Google’s help article here.

Billing information is attached to your Apple ID. To edit this information, please use this guide to navigate to payment settings.

5. FAQs

Where can I download the Kaiber App?

Download Kaiber for iPhone in the App Store. Download Kaiber for Android phones in the Google Play Store.

Is Kaiber free to download?

Yes, Kaiber is free to download. Plus, new users can start their Kaiber journey with a 7-day free trial.

What devices are you compatible on?

The Kaiber mobile app is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android devices. We do not run on iPad.

Can you use Kaiber offline?

In order to generate preview frames and access your full “My Videos” library, you must be connected to the internet. However, if you have an idea for a prompt, you can begin typing it and Kaiber can save your progress for you.

Can I use my own music on Kaiber?

Yes! You can upload audio up to 8 minutes long. Simply press the + button, select “Begin with music,” and upload your file to get started.

Note: please ensure that the media files you upload comply with any applicable copyright laws and adhere to Kaiber's terms of service.

Does the app have all the features/tools the web version offers?

Kaiber Mobile brings all of our core capabilities into a compact, user-friendly format. While some advanced tools like comprehensive storyboarding remain web-exclusive, customers should expect feature parity very soon.. Plus, mobile users get access to app-exclusive styles and experiences first 🤫

Are the featured artist styles and songs only available on mobile?

Mobile users get access to app-exclusive styles and experiences first, including featured artist styles and songs. However, these features will also be available on Kaiber’s web browser soon!

What should I do if I encounter a bug or am having issues with the app?

Step 1: Troubleshooting

Having trouble with the mobile app? Try these steps first, they may fix the problem:

  • Check for scheduled updates in the App Store. Make sure your version of the app is up to date. We may have already caught the bug you’ve encountered. Go to the App Store to check for updates.

  • Delete and re-install the app. In case something went wrong during installation, this fix can reset any associated issues.

  • Make sure you're on a stable internet connection. If you’re in a low-signal location, the app may be unable to connect properly. Try again when you're somewhere with a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection.

If the trouble persists

Sometimes you just need some extra support. Feel free to contact us at Be sure to share relevant information like:

  • Are you using Kaiber on iOS or Android?

  • What kind of device do you have?

  • Are you reporting a bug or giving feedback?

  • What were you trying to do?

  • What went wrong?

  • Any screenshots you'd like to share.

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