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Sample Privacy Consent Letter (Add-on)
Sample Privacy Consent Letter (Add-on)
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For students in the USA that are under the age of thirteen, schools must get consent from their parents or guardians before sharing their personal information with services such as Kaizena.  For more information about this, take a look at our Terms of Service.

For your convenience, we've drafted a sample privacy consent letter you can send home with your students.  Note this letter was not prepared by a lawyer, and there may be different regulations in your school district, so you will need to review it, and potentially adapt it to your needs.  Click the button below to open the sample letter:

You can make of a copy of this letter for yourself on Google Docs by clicking "File", then "Make a copy..."  (Note: you'll need to be signed into a Google account to do this.)

To download a specific format of the letter, click "File," then "Download as," then select the format you'd prefer.

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