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Sharing a Slides presentation with your teacher
Sharing a Slides presentation with your teacher
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You can now get feedback on your presentations in Google Slides!  In order to use Kaizena on Google Slides, your teacher must be a Kaizena Progress subscriber, and you need to share your presentation with your teacher.

Here's how to share your presentation:

  1. Open the Google Slides document you want to share. 

  2. Click the yellow “share” button in the top right corner:

3. Next, a pop up box will ask you to type in some information. Type your teacher’s email in the box that says "Add people and groups": 

4. Make sure the second box says "Editor":

If the box does not say "Editor", click on the box then click on the “Editor” option that will appear.

5. Finally, click the blue “Send” button.

Then close and re-open the Kaizena add-on on Google Slides. Tada! You can now use Kaizena to add comments on your Google Slides!

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