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Advanced Rubrics creation, editing and using Dashboard

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Want to edit, delete or see all your rubrics? Well, you've come to the right place! There are more things you can do with rubrics both directly in the Kaizena add-on and through the new Kaizena Dashboard.

If this is your first time using rubrics, here's our guide to getting started with rubrics.

Managing Rubrics directly on Add-on

Managing Rubrics on the Dashboard

Creating an Empty Rubric (Add-on)

If you haven't added any skills to the conversation, and you don't have a rubric template yet, you can set up an empty rubric. Once you've clicked "+ Rubric", click "Empty":

You'll see an empty rubric appear. Click "+ Add skill" to add your first skill:

Select the skill from the list to add it to the rubric. Then click the pencil icon to add a custom rating:

Alternatively, you can close the rubric and add some skills to the conversation. Any skills that you add to the document outside of the rubric will be added to the rubric.

If you add the same skill more than once, the scores will be averaged. If you use the pencil icon (see image above) to add a rating, this will overwrite the average score, and will display above the average:

The skill level description shown in the rubric will match the assigned score.

Saving the Rubric

If you're happy with the set of skills you've added to the rubric, you can save the rubric to use on other Google Docs. Just click "Save as template":

Editing the Rubric (Add-on)

Once you've added your rubric, there are several ways for you to modify it.

Adding new skills in Kaizena will automatically add them to the rubric, but you can also add a skill directly to the rubric: just click "+ Add Skill" at the top:

Select the skill the way you usually would, then add a custom rating (click on the pencil icon):

You can remove individual skills from your rubric. Just click the garbage can to remove a skill from the rubric:

This will not affect any skills you added outside the rubric.

You can also the rubric entirely by clicking "Remove rubric" at the bottom:

You'll loose any custom ratings you've added, but skills you added outside the rubric will not be affected.

Viewing all your Rubrics (Dashboard)

Go to the Kaizena dashboard .  Click "Login with Google" to sign in.

Then click the "Skills" tab:

You can also go directly to your rubrics/skills page from the add-on menu.  Just click the green dot:

Then click "Skills":

At the bottom of the page, you will find your rubric templates. Be aware that if you have a lot of skills, you may need to scroll down to find them!

Creating a new Rubric (Dashboard)

To create a new rubric, click "New Rubric Template". If it's your first time creating a rubric, you can also click "Create your first rubric template":

A pop-up box that says "Create a Rubric Template" will appear. Type in the name of your rubric in the text box then click “Create”. 

You should now see a blank rubric template page. To add skills, click “Add Skills” on the top left of the screen. 

A list of all the skills you have created will show up. You can search for skills by typing the name in the search bar or scrolling down. 

Once you found the skill you will like to add, click the “select” button beside the skill.

You should be able to see a list of all the skills you have added to the rubric in the rubric template page. To remove skills from the rubric, click the “Remove” beside the skill you’ll like to remove. The skill will then be removed from the rubric.

When you are finished adding all the skills you want onto your lesson, remember to click the green "Save" button.  The "Save" button can be found at the top and bottom right corner of your rubric:

Clicking “Save” will direct you back to the Skills page. You can find your newly created rubric there!

Editing or Deleting Rubrics (Dashboard)

To delete or edit your rubrics, go to the rubric section of Skills page. Then click the rubric you’ll like to delete or edit.

Clicking the rubric will direct you to the rubric template page. There you can add skills by clicking "Add skill" or remove skills by clicking "Remove" beside the skill you wish to remove.

Edit Rubric Name

You can also change the name of your template by clicking "Edit Name":

A text bar with the name of the rubric will appear. Type in the new name for the rubric in that text bar. When you are done, click the “Done” button to the right.

Delete Rubric

To delete or edit your rubrics, click the rubric you’ll like to delete or edit on the rubric section on the Skills page. Clicking the rubric will direct you to the rubric template page. To delete your rubric, click the red “Delete Rubric Template”:

Once you click it, a pop-up box will ask you if you really want to delete your template. Click the “OK” option to permanently delete your template:

That rubric template will now be removed from your rubrics. There is no recovery of deleted templates so please be careful!

Sharing Rubrics with other teachers (Dashboard)

Have a co-teacher or would like to share the same rubric with another Kaizena user? Here's how to share a Rubric with other Kaizena users.

Sharing a Rubric

To share a Rubric, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Rubric you want to share on the Kaizena dashboard

2. Click on "Make Public"

3. Click on "Copy URL" or highlight and copy the URL that appears:

4. Give the URL to the Kaizena user(s) that would like to have a copy of your Rubric. For instance, you can email the URL to the Kaizena user(s) or drop it as a text comment on a shared Google Doc with the user(s).

Once your co-teacher, colleagues or the other Kaizena users have saved a copy of your Rubric into their accounts, you can stop allowing other users to use your Rubric by clicking "Make Private":

Note that this will only prevent other Kaizena users from using the Rubric URL. If a shared Rubric has already been added to a Kaizena user's account, this will not remove the Rubric from the other Kaizena user's account.

Saving a Shared Rubric

To add a shared rubric to your Kaizena account, you'll need to first make sure you have the URL of the Rubric. Then:

  1. Enter the URL of the Rubric in your browser. You may be asked to sign in to your Kaizena account.

  2. Once you see the Rubric, click on the "Add to collection"

3. Viola! You've added a shared Rubric to your Kaizena account. Now you're able to see and use the Rubric and all the Skills on the shared Rubric in your feedback:

To remove a shared Rubric from your collection, click on the shared Rubric and "Remove from collection":

To learn more about creating and editing your skills, go to Setting up Skills. If you want check out other ways to create a rubric or how to create a rubric summary, go to Getting Started with Rubrics.

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