PHS Verification Home communicates Kalderos' progress working with covered entities to review suspected 340B duplicate discount claims, as well as the extent of any verified 340B duplicate discounts Kalderos discovered to-date. 

CE Approval Status allows you to see a summary of potential duplicate discounts per covered entity and the current status of if Kalderos has been approved to contact the covered entity or not. Kalderos may only contact covered entities once you approve. Only covered entity owned pharmacies are contacted- not contract.

  • How long the verification process takes in Grappa varies depending on how many claims the CE has to review, but we request that CEs complete the inquiry within 30 days of Kalderos notification. Our Industry Relations team works with Grappa users on a daily basis to provide support to avoid delays in the process.
  • Client Approval Granted: sum of trx for CE review (count shown by 340B ID when data is exported)

Verification - Claims communicates a claim level view of verified duplicate discounts for which the covered entity responded "yes". Because Kalderos collects responses on Rx ID basis, the provider responds to the original claim in Grappa and Kalderos associates all refills with the same response

  • Date Confirmed: date the provider responded "yes, 340B was dispensed" in Grappa

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