As part of the good faith inquiry process, we ask that you provide a “Yes”’ or “No” response to each claim, indicating whether a 340B drug was dispensed/administered.

Yes: A 340B drug was dispensed

No: A 340B drug was not dispensed

Review has six additional responses available for cases where a Yes/No response does not apply.

Invalid RxID Format: The RxID listed in Review is not in a format that enables you to locate the claim.

No - Cannot locate RxID: RxID could not be located in your pharmacy management software or in your 340B third-party administrator’s systems meaning a 340B drug was not dispensed.

Cannot locate ICN/CCN: ICN/CCN could not be located in pharmacy management software or in your 340B administrator’s systems. Please see this article on tips for locating claims before choosing this option.

Inactive Pharmacy: The pharmacy was not active as a 340B pharmacy for your covered entity at the date listed on the claim. If selected, please confirm the contract pharmacy start and end dates within the HRSA database are up-to-date.

Claim Reversed: The pharmacy reversed this claim, and you are confirming that an electronic reversal to the payer has been submitted.

340B Drug Not Replenished: Accumulation of the product did not occur in time and the dispensation had to be reclassified as non-340B.

Wrong NDC for this RxID: The incorrect NDC (drug) is displaying for this RxID within your pharmacy management software or in your 340B third-party administrator's systems.


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