We recognize additional team members and resources may be necessary to respond within Review. That’s why our Review tool allows covered entities to invite and manage users to assist in reviewing claims. Rather than having to download files and send them back and forth among team members, we encourage you to invite those resources to join your team directly in Review. 

How to Invite a Team Member

1. After logging into the application, navigate to the Team Management page.

2. On the top right, select ‘Add New User’.

3. Now, enter the individual’s email address, and select a role.

Admin: Admin users have full privileges in the system, including viewing and responding to claims for every 340B ID associated with your organization. An admin can also invite and manage users across the team. We recommend that only users from within your organization be given admin access. 

Reviewer: Reviewers have access to respond to claims for each of the 340B IDs that you assign to them (see Step 4). Reviewers cannot add or manage users. Reviewer users on your team might include 340B consultants, analysts or TPAs you work with to locate claims.

Viewer: Viewers have view-only access throughout the system, which means they cannot respond to claims or make any changes. This role is most appropriate for team members who are not directly involved in the inquiry process but may need access to past responses for audits or compliance.

4. After selecting a role, you will need to identify which 340B ID(s) the user is entitled to view. Remember, if you selected the Admin role in the previous step, the user will have access to every 340B ID. If you chose Reviewer or Viewer, you will need to select the appropriate 340B IDs.

5. You are done! The user will soon receive an email with information on setting up their account and logging in.

Setting Lead Contact

In Review, each 340B ID has a designated “Lead Contact” user. The Lead Contact is the individual Kalderos will reach out to when there is a new good faith inquiry. The Lead Contact will also be the individual responsible for submitting any reviewed claims completed by team members on the account.

You can manage the Lead Contact from the Team Management - Covered Entities page.

Once on this page, select a user from the drop down in the Lead Contact field next to the appropriate 340B ID.

Managing User Access

On the same Team Management page, Admin users have the ability to cancel invitations or disable users.

To cancel an invitation , expand the row with the user’s information and click ‘Cancel Invite’. Their email invitation will no longer be valid.

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