Some of these changes will carry over to all future work in the schedule, while other changes may only affect the current piece of work.

You can choose when your work and tasks will be created for a scheduled piece of work ahead it's start date. These tasks will be replicated from the work item immediately preceding it in the schedule. Additionally, if you click on the task section for any future work, Karbon will ask if you are ready to work on it and adopt the checklist from the previous work item at that point.

If the future tasks have not yet been created, the following changes will be carried over to future work:


  • Task names

  • Task descriptions

  • Due dates (Karbon will recognize the due date as X days after the start date)

  • Assigned to

  • New tasks

  • Subtasks

  • Client tasks

  • Client task due dates

  • Client task descriptions

Time & Budgets

  • Budgeted Time

  • Budgeted Dollar amount

Details section

  • Description

  • Work type

  • Client-owner

  • Work team

  • Other contacts involved

  • Privacy settings

Changing any of these items on a piece of work will only affect the current piece of work:

  • Work item name

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Start date

  • Due date

  • Recent documents

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