User permissions lets you control who can perform some company-wide actions. There are two types of permissions, your normal user permissions which allow team members to have certain access throughout Karbon and extra permissions which allow team members Time & Budget access.

User Permissions

If you are currently listed as an admin, you can alter a team member's user permissions. To do this locate them in Settings > Colleagues, select the appropriate colleague, and click Edit. You have three options for user permissions; 

1. Admin User:

  • Full access (including to Settings and to download data).

2. Standard User: 

  • Cannot access Settings or export Contact or Work Data.

3. Restricted User:

  • Can access only their To-Do list.

  • Clients that they are on the client team for.

  • Work items they are on the work team for.

  • Can only use global search function for emails, work items and clients they have access to.

  • Can create work for clients they have access to.

  • They cannot see Settings, Insights or Export Contact or Work Data.

Extra Permissions

These extra permissions allow team members to have access to certain Time & Budget or Insights features.

1. View Dollar Amount:

  • Allows you to decide which team members can see the dollar value for budgets and actuals throughout Karbon if Time and Dollars for Budgets is selected in Time & Budget Settings. This permission is also required to allow the team member to record expenses.

2. Time Administrator:

  • Allows a user to view and approve everyone’s timesheets as well as to be chosen by colleagues to have timesheets submitted to for approval. Multiple Time Administrators are permitted to exist.

3. Insights:

  • Allows you to decide which team members can see Insights. Insights will be turned on by default. Admins will be able to turn it off for certain users, to restrict access to Insights. The restricted user will still be able to see Insights in the menu, but not view any additional information when clicking on it.

Edit user permissions

Navigate to the colleague and toward the bottom of the screen, you will be able to adjust the user permissions. After saving, you will need to refresh your browser to enable the update.

The colleagues view in Settings will show, you at-a-glance, who in your team has which user permission.

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