When refining your internal processes, you might have the need to re-apply any updated work template/s to work items that have been created from those templates in the past. To make updates in bulk, you may request direct assistance from the Karbon team.

Step 1: Request to bulk re-apply work templates ($499)

To bulk re-apply work templates, submit a request either in Help & Feedback or to support@karbonhq.com and say "I would like to have Karbon bulk re-apply work templates, please." A Support agent will have your account manager contact you for next steps.  If you know your account manager, you can contact them directly.

Step 2: Identify the work templates you want to update

Edit your templates where necessary, and publish when finished. Please make note of any templates you have update and let your account manager know.

Step 3: Your account manager will send you a client task list to gather information

In the client task list, we will ask you series of simple questions to ensure we have the information we need to make the exact changes that you need. Questions will include:

  • Were all work items that need updating created off of a template?

  • Do you want to update all work items created from the template?

  • How many and which templates would you like to bulk apply?

  • If a work item has already started, would you like us to still update it?

If needed, a phone call will be scheduled to discuss further.

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