When you make changes to a work template it will not affect any work items previously created from that template. You do have the option however of resetting individual work items to the template.

Important Note:

When you reset your work to a template, any progress that was made in the tasks section will be erased (this includes comments and replies to client tasks).

To do this, go into that work item and select the options menu (...) from the work header. You will then see the option to Reset Work

You will then have the option to reset the work to the template. If the work is on a repeating schedule, you also have the option of resetting to the prior work item in that schedule rather than the template.

When resetting work to a template, you can only reset to the template originally used to create that specific work item. Therefore, if you have created a new template instead of editing your original template, this reset option will not be of use.

If you have a large number of work items that need to be reset, Karbon offers consulting services to help you do so. Please reach out using the chat option in the Help & Feedback menu in your account.

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