You can offer all types of original works for sale: paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, engravings, mixed media, ....

What the law states:

The works for sale on KAZoART must constitute works of art in accordance with Article 98A of Annex III of the General Tax Code. You must be the author of the works, and have on them all the rights and authorizations necessary to sell them.

In particular, works of a defamatory, insulting, racist, xenophobic or obscene nature, or those promoting illicit activities, are prohibited.

These criteria are specified in detail in the General Terms of Use for Artists, which are sent to you as soon as your artist profile is accepted and validated on the website.

What about photography?

You can sell your artistic photos on KAZoART. We remind you that for a photo to be considered an original work, it must be printed in a maximum of 30 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist.

You are responsible for making your own prints if ordered.

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