The advantages of selling your works on KAZoART are numerous:

  • Quality Guarantee

For an artist, it is important to be able to present their work in an environment that will enhance it and its value. At KAZoART, we make it a point of honour to select only artists with a professional approach and notorious artistic originality, validated by a committee of experts. Being on KAZoART is a real label of authenticity for our artists.

  • A very large community of art lovers

KAZoART is one of the pioneers and leaders in online art sales in France, with a community of over 300,000 art lovers who visit our site every month. You will reach a very large audience that will have the opportunity to discover your work and have the possibility to acquire your works in a few clicks.

  • No inscription fees

Registration on the site is free for artists, which allows us to guarantee the quality and independence of our selection of artists.

  • An optimized website

You benefit from a website that is permanently optimized in terms of natural referencing, functionality and design thanks to our technical team.

  • A trusted third party

We act as a trusted third party for artists and buyers, guaranteeing online transactions, the delivery system, possible returns by buyers, etc.

  • Support

Our team is here to help you build and maintain your online gallery, providing you with regular advice, suggestions, etc...

Please do not hesitate to contact our Artist Relations team with any further questions:

  • Unlimited listing

You can list and authenticate as many art works as you like.

  • Non-exclusivity

We do not impose any exclusivity clause, which allows you to be free to present your works as you wish and to sell elsewhere than on KAZoART.

  • Reduced commission

The online sale allows sellers to apply a more attractive price and/or to pay a reduced commission to the middle-man (in this case KAZoART), compared to traditional galleries.

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