KAZoART is a marketplace, where you are the direct seller. You determine the price of the artworks you put on sale on the website.

How do I set prices?

In the beginning, it’s never easy to put a price on your work. The fear of underestimating or overestimating your work is a constant worry. We invite you first to look at the prices that our artists charge on the website, which will already give you a rough idea.

Besides your talent, which of course does not fit into any box, the appraisal of a work is mainly based on various objective criteria:

  • the technique used: watercolor is almost twice as expensive as oil on average, acrylic about 15% cheaper

  • the size of the work: it’s unavoidable, larger works are more expensive

  • the support of your art piece: canvas, paper, cardboard, wood... The more durable the support, the more expensive it is

  • your experience as an artist: the number of exhibitions you have done, your current or past permanent exhibitions, the press articles about you, the prizes you have won...

For the sake of consistency, and even if the time spent on the completion of your work is generally taken into account, make sure to charge the same price for works of the same size and made with the same technique!

Respect the golden rule: Offer the same prices across the board.

If you are already listed on other online art galleries, French or foreign, we also want to ensure that the public price put forward for the same work is not higher on KAZoART than on other platforms.

By putting forward different prices depending on the platform, you run the risk of making your future buyer suspicious and hesitant.

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