KAZoART invests time and resources to work on the development of our growing community, which counts several thousand new art lovers every month, from all over France and abroad.

  • Newsletters

Every week we send newsletters to our community of over 70,000 art lovers, in which we offer thematic selections, the latest news, blog articles, etc.

  • Personalized emails

When an art lover is interested in your work and subscribes to your gallery, he will receive personalized emails each time you add new pieces for sale on your KAZoART gallery. Remember to update it regularly ;-)

  • The KAZoART blog

The KAZoART blog is an essential tool for building and growing our community of art lovers. Indeed, beyond the commercial aspect, our visitors often discover us through an interview of one of our artists, an article on art history, the great artistic movements, ... You can also find practical advice on how to take care of ones artwork for example.

  • Social Media

We are very active on social media! We have a very large community on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. We publish our news, our selections of works, our favorite pieces, videos, artistic and cultural news.... Don't hesitate to like our pages and share our news.

We have also created a private Facebook group for the KAZoART artists community: KAZoART Artists. If you haven't already done so, we strongly recommend you join it, we regularly post news, tips and tricks…that exclusively concerns KAZoART artists. You can also live chat with all the artists within the KAZoART community!

  • Press Releases

We are actively working on our press relations to make the concept of our company known. We have had numerous articles and interviews appear in mainstream media in recent months, including France 2, Forbes, Beaux-Arts, Arts Magazine ... as well as with bloggers.

  • Exhibitions

KAZoART regularly organizes “in person" exhibitions, until now in atypical places in Paris (Le Patio Opéra, La Rotonde Stalingrad, L'Oblique), or in Bordeaux, where our headquarters are located (Héméra, Hangar 14).

The selection of exhibited artists is made independently with help from our Committee of experts, and we will be sure to keep you informed of any upcoming events!

  • Partnerships

We develop partnerships in order to increase our visibility and associate KAZoART with brands and events that support and promote contemporary artistic creation.

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