On a daily basis, we strive to provide you with a functional and quality online sales platform. Conversely, we ask KAZoART sellers to follow some rules of good conduct.

Rule #1: Respect our position as intermediary

We act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. We therefore ask you not to contact directly a buyer who would have known your work via KAZoART. If the case should arise, please redirect them to our customer service department who can answer their questions.

You are therefore not allowed to put your website address on your KAZoART profile or any element of direct contact with you.

If we find that this rule has been violated, it will result in an immediate and permanent expulsion from our website.

Rule #2: Always check the availability of the pieces for sale

We do not impose any exclusivity clause. You can therefore sell directly to your own network, through your own website, or go through other sales intermediaries besides us.

On the other hand, it is important that the works you have for sale on KAZoART are available. Otherwise, it will create a lot of unwanted frustration for the buyer.

Also, make sure that your works are easily accessible in case of a sale in order for them to be shipped off relatively quickly.

Rule #3: Offer the same prices across the board

If you are already listed on other online art galleries, French or foreign, we also want to ensure that the public price proposed for the same work is not higher on KAZoART than on these other platforms.

Moreover, by offering different prices depending on the platforms, you are likely going to make your future buyer suspicious and hesitant.

→ For more information, you can find the artist requirements list in our General Terms and Conditions of Use that will be sent over to you after your application form is accepted from our team, along with your Seller Space.

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