KAZoART does not impose any exclusivity clause on its artists.

However, you must follow some rules of good conduct.

RULE #1: Availability

It is important that the works you have on offer are easily accessible in the case of a sale (at home, in your workshop, ...), in order to process all orders quickly.

In this case, it is very important to update the order status of the piece so that only available works are up for sale. Otherwise it will create a lot unwanted frustration on the buyer’s side!

You have the possibility to mark a work as sold directly from your Seller Space. This will automatically change your work to "SOLD" for potential clients on the website. It will no longer be for sale, but will still be visible on the website and in your Seller Space.

RULE #2: Identical prices

If you are already listed on other online art galleries, French or foreign, we also want to ensure that the public price put forward for the same work is not higher on KAZoART than on other platforms.

Different prices could make buyers wary.

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