You can add a new work at any time from the "Works" menu entry in your Seller Space.

Each work is reviewed by our team: we check the quality of the photos, the consistency of the prices and the accuracy of the descriptions. It will take about 24 hours (1 working day) for a work to be put online and appear in your gallery.

⚠ If your artist gallery is not yet online, please be sure to add a minimum of 10 works so that the profile and works can be published on the site.

Below read our recommendations for publishing a work of art. We also reveal our tips to help you succeed in selling your works quickly!

Photos of the work

You can add an unlimited number of photos! Once added, you can change the order by dragging from one side or the other. You can delete them by dragging them to the trash.

90% of the sales made on KAZoART are of works with 5 or more photos. The quality of the photos is therefore essential to be able to sell! Choose photos that are well-lit and that do right by the artist's work.

We strongly advise you to add several photos per work. You can add multiple zoomed-in photos of striking or subtle details, like the signature or of textured brushstrokes for example. If it's a sculpture, take pictures from every single angle. Showing the work and its smallest details is very important for potential buyers.

1 work with several photos is 10x more likely to be sold than a work with only one photo!

Recommended format: .jpg, .png, 1440px wide minimum and 10Mb maximum.

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The title

Buyers pay a lot of attention to the title given to a work. A title allows for them to begin to imagine their own story about a work. It is also important for referencing: your work will be more easily found on the site or on search engines.

However, if you do not wish to give a title to the work, we advise you to number it to avoid the risk of interfering with another work.

120 characters maximum for the title.

The description

Explain the subject of the work, talk about the inspiration, describe the technique, the type of support, etc. An informative text for each of your works is an important element for the buyer.

If the work is part of a series, don't hesitate to explain the context of its creation.

However, be careful not to use overly technical terms.

Search engines do not like duplicate content (such as the same description for several works). We therefore advise you to personalize each description!

Maximum 1000 characters per description.

Categorizing your work

Remember to select the right category (subject + style) so that your work is easy to find on the KAZoART website but also on external search engines.

According to the given categories, your works will appear on the relevant pages of the site. It is therefore important not to make a mistake so that they can be found.

Presenting a series

If the work is part of a series, it can be presented as part of a certain series in the artist's gallery. This will add coherence to your body of work.

You can select or create a series from the "Add a work" page.

To know everything about sorting by series, we invite you to read the article How to sort works by series.

Selling a framed work

You can also sell your works already framed. If this is the case, select "sold with frame" in the "framing" field. You will then be asked to specify the dimensions of the work with its frame.

Selling a framed work can be a plus for buyers. Be sure to specify the type of frame, its appearance (materials, colors) and upload a photo of the framed artwork so that potential buyers can see the final result.

Our Advice

Provide choice

With experience, we have noticed that artists who only present 10 works in their gallery sell less than artists who present 20+ works. When there are only a few works presented, the buyer can't get a real overview of the artist's work. It's like walking into a store with empty shelves!

We advise you to put between 15 and 20 works for sale at least so that the visitors can better understand your artistic approach.

Add new works on a regular basis

The artist's gallery must be a showcase of their work and therefore of what they're currently working on. It is important to present new works to attract potential collectors. They're often looking for the latest gem!

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