An artist's profile includes all the information related to the artist's career, technique and background. Artist profiles are found in their galleries as well as on all product pages (the pages displaying their artworks). They are thus very important and often read by online visitors and potential buyers.

Cover photo & photo of the artist

These two photos will be the first ones that the visitor will see when visiting the artist's gallery. Choose a cover photo that represents the artist's work well: a key work or a view of the studio, for example. Landscape or panoramic format will work better than portrait format.

For the photo of the artist, opt for a photo of them working in their studio or posed next to one of their works.

Biography (2,500 characters maximum)

Please write in 3rd person only!

Talk about the artist's approach so that visitors can understand their universe and their artistic approach. What are their inspirations? What are their subjects and mediums of choice?

Avoid lengthy biographical lingo and concentrate on what sets them apart and distinguishes them from other artists.

Once the biography has been proofread by our team, it will put online and cannot be modified. To make changes, please contact us directly by email at

Education, exhibitions & awards

Focus on the artist's background. Select the most recent or significant exhibitions and awards.

Please note the date(s) and location(s) for each one to help the future clients better understand where you exhibited your work in the past.

Once the information in the artist profile is completed, you can proceed to add works.

⚠ In order for the artist's gallery to be published on the website, the information in the artist profile must be complete and a minimum of 10 works must be added.

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