Good quality photos are essential for buyers when choosing an artwork online. We highly recommend that you hire a professional to take quality photos of your artwork.

However, if you wish to photograph them yourself, here are some tips to help you optimize the shots:

Lighting is Everything

Choose a room with even lighting and if possible, natural lighting. If there is no daylight, place two lamps on either side of you We do not recommend you use the flash.

Choose a low ISO setting (100-200). Take several perfectly clear shots from the front.

Once the shots are taken, check that the colors in the photos match the colors of the original artwork. If they do not, the buyer will definitely return it because the photos were not faithful to the work itself.


Agnès Guillon

Cropping the Main Photo

The main photo of the work must always be taken from the front so that it can be presented in our catalog.

For a 2D work (paintings, works on paper, etc), crop the photo so that the background is not visible.


Ronald Hunter

For a sculpture, the main photo must show the work from the front, including the base.


Sophie Barut

However, you are more free to choose the additional photos.

Read our tips for choosing the type of additional photos.

On Your Computer

Download the photos on your computer and, if necessary, make some adjustments (crop the edges perfectly, re-orientate them, etc.). Do not edit the colors and contrasts if it makes the image look different from reality. If you do this, you risk disappointing the buyer, who could return the work for non-conformity.

Here are the desired specifications for the photos you will put on the site:

  • 1440x1440 pixels minimum

  • JPEG, PNG or TIF format

  • maximum 10 MB

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