Though rare, sometimes buyers aren't happy with their purchase and exercise their right to withdraw from the sale. Rest assured, less than 1% of orders on KAZoART are returned and our Customer Service team handles all returns. It is nonetheless better to be aware of the different cases that you might encounter if ever one of your works is returned.

Here are some examples of returns and the corresponding solutions.

The buyer is not satisfied with the work delivered and/or changes their mind

According to KAZoART's terms and conditions, the customer has a 14-day retraction period in which they can return the work. KAZoART will pay the return shipping costs.

If this is the case, you do not have to do anything: it is up to the buyer to fill out an online form or contact our Customer Service.

We will organize the return of the artwork with the customer, according to the same transport modalities as the outbound shipment, always ensuring that your artwork is protected during shipment. Once receive the work and confirm its not damaged, we will reimburse the buyer.

The buyer receives a damaged work or one that isn't true to its description

We do our best to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately there can be exceptions.

If this is the case, the customer must immediately inform us via email to indicate the nature of the defect or in what way the work does not conform to its description. We systematically ask for photos as proof.

We will then inform you organize the artwork's return. Once you receive the work, we will be able to reimburse the buyer.

If the work is damaged, we will contact the shipper, talk with the buyer and with the artist to find at what point in the transaction the work was damaged. We will then find the adequate solution for each situation.

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