When you sell an artwork on KAZoART, it is up to you to pack the artwork and protect it for transport.

Here are some tips on how to pack your artwork in a way that will not only protect it during shipment but make for a pleasing delivery and "unboxing" for the buyer when they open it.

Quality packaging allows you to ship your work in better conditions but also to present the work to its buyer in a neat presentation. Don't forget that if the work is damaged due to inadequate packaging, you will be held responsible.

Please note! When packaging your work, do not forget to include the invoice and the certificate of authenticity.

Packaging a painting on canvas

1. Make sure the paint is completely dry.

2. Place an acid-free paper over the entire surface of the canvas.

3. If possible, protect the corners with foam wedges.

4. Wrap it in a minimum of two layers of bubble wrap (bubbles facing inward) using tape to secure.

5. Protect the canvas by placing thick cardboard or MDF board (plywood or fibreboard) on each side. Make sure the boards are the exact size or larger than the painting.

6. Place it all in a cardboard box. Opt for reinforced cardboard, double or triple fluted, which is more shock-absorbent.

Packaging a work on paper

1. Wrap the work in several layers of acid-free paper.

2. Use two thick pieces of cardboard that are larger than the work (+5cm for each edge). This will protect the corners, which are particularly sensitive.

3. Tape the work to the center of one of the cardboard pieces (the tape should only adhere to the wrapping paper, never to the work).

4. Place the second piece of cardboard over it.

5. Wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap (bubbles facing inwards).

6. Slide it all into an envelope or small box of appropriate size.

7. Tape the "DO NOT FOLD" labels to the envelope or write it in bold marker.

Packaging a framed work

1. Protect the corners with foam wedges.

2. Wrap it in at least two layers of bubble wrap (bubbles facing inward) and use packaging tape to secure it.

3. Protect the frame by placing the same-size thick cardboard on each side.

4. Pack the whole thing in a cardboard box of appropriate size. Opt for reinforced cardboard, double or triple fluted, which is more shock-absorbent.

A large framed work of art is particularly difficult to transport and may require a custom-made wooden crate. For this reason, we advise you to avoid framing your large works of as it might incur extra costs, such as custom packaging.

Also, frames without glass are preferable because the glass may break during shipment and damage the work.

Packaging a small sculpture

1. Wrap the work in two layers of bubble wrap (bubbles facing inward).

2. Secure with heavy tape so that the package fits the shape of the sculpture.

3. Place the sculpture in the bottom of a reinforced double or triple fluted cardboard or wood box.

4. Brace the sculpture in place with foam wedges or other packing materials to prevent it from moving around in the box. .


Do not use newspaper, plastic bags, or other such materials. This can damage your work and give a bad impression to the buyer.

You are responsible for packaging and shipping the artwork to the customer. KAZoART will send you a prepaid shipping label in advance. We are also here to advise you in the packaging process so do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like our advice/opinion.

Just to summarize, here is how you can protect your work during transport:

> Always use very strong cardboard (double or triple fluting) that does not bend, with a 5 to 10 cm margin around the work. Do not use recycled cardboard.

> Protect each work separately with several layers of bubble wrap + foam wedges on the 4 corners of each work.

> Write on the package on both sides, in large letters: "FRAGILE - DO NOT BEND" or "DO NOT STACK" depending on the artwork.

> For works on paper 30 x 45cm and above, send them in a tube.

> For sculptures, make sure that the sculpture is COMPLETELY secured and will not move around in the package. NOTE: Cardboard, foam wedges and bubble wrap can be purchased online at an affordable price.

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