In the event of a sale of one of your works on the KAZoART website, you are immediately informed by an email specifying the name of the work and the price it was sold for. We then ask you to react very quickly (2 days maximum) to confirm the availability of the work. We will then be able to inform the buyer that you are preparing his order.

In the event that the work is not available, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find a solution to put forward to the buyer. Also, don't forget to check the availability of the works for sale in your gallery. This situation creates a lot of frustration for the buyers.

Once the sale is confirmed, follow the different steps of the shipping process by clicking here.

Noteworthy information:

As soon as your work is sold on the KAZoART website, a red "SOLD" appears automatically on the work sheet.

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