When you make a sale on KAZoART, you are responsible for preparing and packaging the artwork for shipment.

KAZoART is responsible for choosing and paying the shipper and for sending you all necessary instructions and information.

In all cases, we ask you to show the greatest reactivity to treat the expedition of a work, important pledge of the satisfaction of your purchasers.

When shipping a work of art, we ask that you do so thoroughly, carefully and swiftly.

There are 6 steps to shipping a work:

STEP 1: Prepare the invoice and the certificate of authenticity

For all sales, you must include an invoice and a certificate of authenticity with your work.

It is up to you to create them. If you don't have your own, we have created models for you to copy or print. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to obtain them (team@kazoart.com). You can also use your own templates if you have any.

STEP 2: Packaging the work

This step is essential - quality packaging allows you to send your work in the best conditions, to avoid it being damaged during transport, and to present the artwork to the buyer in a neat manner. It's their first impression when seeing the artwork in person!

Remember, if the work is damaged due to improper packaging, you will be held responsible.

Don't hesitate to consult our tips on how to properly package a work of art

STEP 3: Send the package details to KAZoART

Once the work is safely packaged inside its parcel or custom-made wooden box, please send the following information to KAZoART so that we can create the shipping label and organize the pick-up if necessary:

  • dimensions (LxWxH)

  • weight

  • pick-up address if different from your home or studio address

  • availabilities in the coming days, should you wish for us to schedule a pick-up

Please email this information to us within 2 business days of making the sale.

STEP 4: Print and attach the shipping label

KAZoART will email you a prepaid shipping label, simply print it and tape it to your package.

KAZoART covers shipping costs up to 5% of the value of the work, which is usually more than enough to cover shipping fees for artworks whose dimensions correctly correspond to their price.

If the shipping cost exceeds this 5%, KAZoART reserves the right to take the difference out of the artist's commission, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Use, which can be accessed at any time in your Seller Space.

STEP 5: Give your package to the shipping company

To optimize the quality and cost of the shipment, we adapt the choice of carrier depending on the type of package and its destination. In all cases, we only choose quality carriers, offering insurance, and all packages are given to their recipient against a mandatory signature, to ensure the security of the delivery.

You have two ways to ship the package:

> Drop it off at a relay point or the nearest collection point - perfect for smaller packages

> Collection at your home or studio - the deliveryman will pass at your residence on an agreed upon date and time

STEP 6 : Track your package

Once the package is shipped, you will be able to follow the progress of its delivery at any time with the tracking number indicated on the shipping label.

As soon as the package is shipped, the buyer is informed by e-mail. They will then give their delivery instructions to receive the package at their convenience.

In all cases, you will be notified by email as soon as the package has been delivered to the buyer.

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