Several times a year, KAZoART organizes "Members Only Sales" (for 10 to 15 days), in which all KAZoART artists are free to participate or not.

This allows you to offer specific discounts on the works of your choice (from -10% to -50%), and to benefit from the very active communication that we set up with our collectors around these operations (on the website, in newsletters, on social media, etc.).

You will be notified by email when a new Private Sale operation is coming come. To participate, log in to your Seller Space and click on "My Members Only Sales".

Choose your discount percentage (between -10 and -50%) then select the artwork(s) on which you wish to apply this discount.

These discounts will be available to registered visitors for the duration of the private sale.

In the event of a sale, the discount percentage applied is shared between you and KAZoART, proportional to our respective shares.

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