Although the online art market is experiencing rapid growth, we need to reassure potential buyers who are on the fence about ordering art off the internet. This reassurance mainly comes from the information they have about the work, especially the photos.

By proposing additional photos of your work, in addition to the main photo, you will allow future buyers to better imagine the work and immediately answer any questions they might have about the medium, the support, material or the hanging system, just to name a few.

The more photos there are, the more likely the work is to be sold.

In addition, a work with several good quality photos will be more visible on KAZoART, it will stand out in the first pages of the catalog thanks to our algorithm.

It will also have more chances to be selected by our team of curators who choose works on a daily basis for our inspirations, newsletters, and social media posts.

85% of the works sold on KAZoART have two or more photos.

The main photo should always represent the entire work from the front. It is then recommended to upload additional photos to give a better overview of your work.

Here are some examples that will help you decide what type of photos to offer depending on the technique and medium.

For a painting

  • Zoom in on the fine details of the work or on your signature

  • Photograph the edges of the work to show if they are painted or not

  • If there's texture, zoom in to show the detail.

  • You can also use a photo of the back of the work to show the stretcher, or the type of frame used, whether or not there is a hook making the piece ready to hang, etc...

Anne Baudequin, dix-septembre Vallée de la Loire, brumes au soleil levant

Lucie Lith, California Pool

For a sculpture

  • Give the impression of presenting a 360° view of the sculpture by photographing it from every angle

  • Show every side of the sculpture, leaving no part in the dark

  • If the base is integrated into the sculpture, it must be visible on the photos. We consider it to be part of the sculpture as well.

  • Zoom in to show the surface and to highlight the matierial(s) used.

  • Photograph it in an interior, in a studio, in an exhibition or outside if it can be exposed outdoors. However, be careful that the "decor" is not too imposing in relation to the sculpture.

Sophie Barut, L'écolier

Yves Célaire, Mikona

For a photograph

  • Zoom in on details of the work

  • Add photos that allow to appreciate the finish of the print, the quality of the paper, the hanging systems if it's backed by a support and is ready to hang, etc.

  • If the work has already been exhibited, you can also upload a photo of the work hung in a gallery or on a a wall.

Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic, La pause

For a Work on Paper

  • Zoom in on details of the work or on your signature

  • A picture of the artwork with a frame could enhance its look, even if the artwork is not sold framed

Antonin Anzil, Volubilis 2

Marion Roy, N°5 polaroïd - homme de dos

And if you're selling a framed work?

On KAZoART, you have the possibility to sell your works already framed. If this is the case, be sure to upload photos of the framed artwork to show the visitor the final result. This will allow them to see the type of frame chosen, its material and its color.

Julien Duvivier, Épingles

Ronald Hunter, Traffic carré gris

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