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Automation - "When" and "Stop" conditions

Automating your repetitive tasks just got as simple as “when” and “then”. For example, when someone fills out your public form, then Keap can send them a welcome email. Or assign you a task. Or both. Or… Well, let’s just say there’s a lot more.

Get started

  1. Go to "Automations"

  2. Followed by "Easy Automatons"

  3. Click the + and select "Easy Automation"

"When" - this occurs, start my automation

Easy Automations are started "When" conditions are being fulfilled.

  • Easy Automations are started by "When" conditions being fulfilled.

You can choose one of the following to trigger your automation:

  • Appointments

    • A new appointment is scheduled

    • An appointment is canceled

  • Forms

    • Public form receives a submission

    • Internal form receives a submission

  • Money

    • Purchase is made

    • Invoice is sent

    • Invoice is paid

    • Quote is sent

    • Quote is accepted

  • Tags

    • A tag is applied to a contact

"Then" - this will be automated

  • Once your automation is started, you can configure one or multiple events to happen.

You can choose any of the following events:

  • Email

    • Send an email

  • Notifications

    • Send a notification to all your users, the contact's owner, or a specific user

    • Notification types Desktop, mobile*, and/or email

  • Pipeline

    • Create a Pipeline deal *

  • Tags

    • Add a tag to the contact who triggered the automation

  • Tasks

    • Create a task that can be assigned to the contact owner or a specific user

  • Text message

    • Send a text message*

*Mobile notifications require the Keap user to have installed the Keap Mobile app.

*Pipeline deal is only available through Pro

*upgrade to unlock Text messages automation

Automation stop conditions

  • "Stop" - when this occurs (optional) Contacts can be removed from an Easy Automation when they meet a stop condition. The "Stop" condition is only available if there is a delay in the "Then" events.

You can choose one of the following to stop your automation:

  • Appointments

    • A new appointment is scheduled

    • An appointment is cancelled (only available when automation is started by an appointment being scheduled)

  • Forms

    • Public form receives a submission

    • Internal form receives a submission

  • Sales

    • A product is purchased (either a specific product or any product)

    • An invoice is paid (only available when automation is started by an invoice being sent)

    • A quote is accepted

  • Tags

    • A tag is added to a contact

  • Pipeline

    • Deal enters stage

    • Deal exits stage

"Wait" X amount of time "Then" this will be automated

This is an option within "Then" and it will delay the "Then" element you selected. For example, if you have an email and select "Delay" that means the email will wait that time and "Then" send the email.

Automation Templates

On the right side of "Automations" are the templates.

The top row is "Easy Automations"

  • Free consultation

  • Ask new customers for a review

  • Invoice reminder

The second row is for Advance Automations

  • Landing page leads

  • Yearly birthday greetings

  • Deal follow up

In the last row are the default automations, that are created automatically. However, you can edit and add additional automations within the default templates.

  • New lead follow-up - This is created when a Public form is published

  • Appointment reminders - This is created when you connect your calendar


What is Easy Automation?
An easy-to-use, step-by-step method for automating workflows end-to-end to help small business owners save time and make more sales, automatically.

Which edition(s) of Keap have Easy Automation?
All Keap editions (Lite, Pro, Max) have access to Easy Automation.

Can the advanced email builder be used in Easy Automation?
No, Easy Automation exclusively uses Keap’s simple email builder.

What happens if the contact takes an action that triggers an automation a second time? For example, filling out a public form twice?
The contact will enter the automation again unless they are currently in the automation and waiting for a timer to trigger additional automation.

What time zones does Easy Automation reference?
Easy Automation is based on the user's time zone settings for their Keap app.

Does Easy Automation support integrations?
Easy Automation supports tag-based integrations.

What timers are available for Easy Automation?
Easy Automation includes an option to delay for a set number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

To have your "Then" automation run at a specific time, select the "Delayed" option, then check the "At a specific time box."

Can I see if a contact is in an Easy Automation?
You can see the individual actions triggered by an Easy Automation (e.g. email sent, tag added) on a contact's activity feed or by viewing the list of contacts in the automation.

Will an Easy Automation be triggered for existing contacts that already had a tag or other trigger associated with the contact?
No, Easy Automation will only take action on contacts that meet the "When" criteria after Easy Automation is published.

I encountered an error when attempting to publish my automation. What should I do?
Easy Automations will prevent you from creating a loop of activities that are all set to happen immediately. If you encounter this error, add delays between the events of your automation.

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