More details on how to configure your Web form fields

How to add contact fields to your web form

First go to the "Field Snippets" tab.

The contacts Name, Email, phone number, and Address fields have their own snippets. ​

How to add additional contact fields

To add the additional contact fields use the "Other" snippet.

How to create custom fields without leaving the web form


Radio and checkbox snippets

The Radio and Check boxes are not fields in the contact record. If you want an actual field. Radio and checkbox snippets can be used to track choices made by your contact. They accomplish this by:

  1. Applying a tag

  2. Used as criteria for a Decision diamond

Note: These are not actual fields in the contact record. They only exist on the web form.

​​Radio: Creates a list of options

Checkbox: Creates a single selection box to a multiple choice

How to configure the Radio and Checkbox snippets

The snippets will open automatically after you drag and place it. Afterwards, if you need to make any edits, hover on the snippet and click the little wrench icon.

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