By default, Keen invoices are sent to the billing email address on file. Check your email for your most recent Keen invoice. 

Are you trying to update the email where invoices are sent to, or trying to find out where invoices go? Here’s a short 3-step guide to show you how: 

  1. Step one: Log in to Select the name of your Organization.
  2. Step two: Go to  “Settings” on the top menu bar → then select “Billing” from the left side menu. (See Figure 1)
  3. Step three: Click on “Update Invoice Preferences”, you’ll see the email address invoices are currently being sent to. You can remove or add email addresses to receive invoices as well. (See Figure 2)

    Up to 5 email addresses will be accepted to receive a copy of your invoice. 

Fig 1:  Settings → Billing

Fig 2: Edit Billing Preferences

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