You may have noticed a point-and-click dashboard maker! 

Right now, automatically you can create a dashboard for each of your Projects in Keen. That's one dashboard per project. Multiple dashboards per project is a feature of Keen Enterprise plans. If you think this might be useful or helpful to you, message us directly and we're happy to chat more about adding this feature to your account!

Below are some steps on how to create a second, third, etc dashboard: 

Adding an Additional Dashboard

These steps show you how to add dashboard to your project.

Step 1: Log in to and select your Organization name

Step 2: Select your Project name

The first thing you see when you go to the project is your existing dashboard. 

Step 3: Press the button on the top left (see image below).

Fig 1: Press menu button on upper left to expose function for adding a dashboard

Step 4: Click the blue button to "Create a New Dashboard" (see image below) 

Fig 2: Press "Create a New Dashboard" 

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