What is Keen?

Keen is the embedded analytics API that enables you to build end-user facing analytics into your products, apps, and websites. The API allows you to collect data streams, analyze, and visualize custom data without having to host these servers and applications yourself. At Keen we’ve created the foundation and tools to help you customize and build out how the data you collect is used, transferred, queried, charted, and presented.

How does Keen's billing work? 

Keen operates on a Subscription based model. Subscription tiers are based on how much data you collect and the level of analysis on that data. We’ve made our pricing super transparent so you have full visibility over your next bill. Your activity (within the billing period) can be found via the Activity tab within your Keen account. Pricing information can be found at Keen.io/pricing.

Please note, Billing begins at the beginning of the billing cycle. Following the initial charge upon sign-up, the following invoice will renew the subscription (including any accrued overages over the billing period).

What is the billing cycle?
Keen's billing is based on a monthly billing period. Your billing period begins on the day that you signed up for Keen - so if you opened your account on January 15th, the end of your first billing period would be February 14th. For the lifetime of your account, your billing periods will continue to be from from the 15th to the 14th.

Interested in a flat monthly rate or an annual contract? 

In some cases you may anticipate a high level of usage and the need for a bulk or volume-based discount. For our customers interested in the stability of a predictable or pre-paid monthly/annual bill, we have custom plan options. 

Read more about Keen custom plans here: What are Keen Custom plans?

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