Analytics is a complex beast. When you think about everything you want to build and track, it’s easy to get carried away. That’s why at Keen, we created a API-based platform with tools that make creating something from nothing much easier. Instead of doing it alone, let’s build together!

What are some reasons for a custom plan? 

  • You anticipate a high level of usage and would like to negotiate a bulk rate or volume-based discount

  • You prefer the stability of a predictable or pre-paid monthly/annual bill 

  • You have custom needs, such as extended data retention

  • Your data will be running live in production and you would like additional backline support

  • You are interested in receiving dedicated support

  • You need to define custom SLAs

How do I get started with a custom plan? 

Contact us at to chat about custom plans and specifics on pricing.

What does Keen's basic pricing look like? 

Read more about Keen Pricing: 

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