Saved Queries

Saved queries are a super user-friendly way to revisit your favorite metrics. Rather than entering the same query parameters over and over again, queries can be easily saved, edited, and shared with your teammates. This way everyone can keep up to date with the most important metrics.

As a bonus, Saved Queries can be used as building blocks for building your own dashboard. Here are some simple steps on creating your first dashboard using Keen's built-in web tools. 

How to Create a Saved Query

Step 1: Log in to your Keen account, select your Project. Then click on the "Explorer" tab.

Step 2: Create a query.

Example Query: Enter count as the “Analysis Type”, select an Event Collection from the drop down, and press “Run Query” for a basic query.

You ran a query! Great Job! 

Step 3: Let's save your query. Press the button to "Save".

Share an URL

Yes, you can share an URL! When you're in the Keen Explorer UI, you can go ahead and grab the website URL that you see in the address bar of your browser. As long as your teammate has an account in Keen and was given access to the Project you do, they can also view what you're looking at as well.


There's a special kind of URL you can share. Just as you would share a URL between people this link can be copied and pasted and shared as well. If you copy the special API URL provided you will get an output of all of the data for a human or an application to read. When you look at the result of your query you built, the results will be enumerated in text. This text is in JSON format which can be shared between many data sources and converted to other data formats like CSV.

This API URL can be obtained from the Explorer here:

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