We've recently introduced the "Activity" tab. From this view you can get a high level overview of your organization’s usage and billing. 

The Activity tab is also where you can find for more information about how much data you've streamed and how much compute you've performed. 

How do I access the Activity tab? 

You must be an "organization administrator" to see it. 

To access the Activity tab: 

  1. Login to keen.io/home, and select your Organization (if you only have one organization, this link will take you to your only one)

  2. Once your Organization is selected, you'll see a menu with three options on the top left. 

  3. Select the second option for "Activity". 

Fig 1: Select "Activity" from your Organization Menu

What Can I learn from viewing my Activity Report? 

The following information is available: 

In the Summary:

  • Is a credit card is on file? Whose is it? 

  • What is my billing period? 

  • How much is due on my bill? 

In the Streams Info Section: 

  • How many events have I collected this month? (toggle available for current vs. previous billing period)

  • Do you have the S3 Streaming turned ON/or not? 

In the Compute Info Section: 

In the Access Info Section: 

We're here to make our developer platform and API as easy to understand as possible. Let us know if you have feedback for us, we'd like to keep providing you the best developer experience we can. 

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