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Keen is a platform designed to help developers, engineers, and product managers start stream/collect, analyze, and visualize their data quickly without having to build a large team and large amounts of physical infrastructure before getting results. 

Event data (or events that occur on any device or webpage) can be streamed to Keen. Here's an example: https://keen.io/guides/ecommerce-analytics/example-site/. You'll find on this mock e-commerce store website, that when you first visit the page, an popup on the bottom of the page (note, this is a real event being sent to Keen!) shows you the exact event that is being fired. Likewise when you click "view_product" or "add_to_cart" or even "purchase" all of these events with rich and unique properties/user data and identifiers are being sent to Keen for analysis later. 

Now, what kind of analysis can we do?
Keen has a vast suite of compute and visualization capabilities. You'll find some of these listed here: Keen Compute and Keen Visualize.

One of the areas we're known for is in the area of customer-facing embedded analytics. This is the case where you'd like to build analytics straight into your product or app for your customers to view. We call this "Native Analytics". 

Here's an example of a live dashboard that uses Keen Compute and Keen Visualize that we've built from the actual click and user behavior data generated from the sample e-commerce site. https://keen.io/guides/ecommerce-analytics/example-site/dashboard.html

How long does it take to make this magic happen?
It would take a good developer a few minutes to start sending and seeing their events, and then a few hours to start developing their first compute/viz. We've written some helpful details down to help you think about data analytics needs in your company, you can find them here.

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